eLead innovative approach will provide VET professionals involved in training processes for workers and managers in high-tech/digital sector with original educational materials, activities and training modules in order to favour the acquisition of e-leadership skills and reduce e-skills shortage in Europe.

A competence map describing the High-tech Leader professional profile in terms of units of learning outcomes applying European standards (ECVET and EQF). The competence map will be created through a comparison of the key activities to be carried out by High-tech leaders in partner countries and is based on a clear definition of the high-tech leader profile.


The eLead Pedagogic Handbook will be dedicated to VET professionals and will include resources (included training modules, methodologies and tools) to support the implementation of a training course for high-tech leaders.

An online training course for the new High Tech Leader qualification. The new curriculum will be created to be delivered as a MOOC through an interactive platform. The materials can be used online or in blended learning environments.

A transnational course for VET professionals will be organised in Netherlands by Delft Technology University.